How to turn in homework

There are several options to choose from to turn in your homework.



1. Login to    Your user name and password have been emailed or given to you.

2. Follow the links on the Assignment page to the Homework Turn In folder

3. Take a photo of your completed work and drag the photo into the Homework Folder.


Now you have choices:

WORD format        If you completed the homework in a word format, save your work to your computer in a file or on the desktop.

                                When you see the screen below, Select Upload Files, then browse and select  your document  to place your paper in the Homework Turn In folder.

GOOGLE DOC format         If you completed the homework in Google Docs, when you see the first screen image below, Select +New. You will add a new page to the Homework Turn In                                          folder. Open the new page by clicking on the page.    Select Edit tab located just above the page title, Paste the URL or Share Link of your homework onto the page                                      and select SAVE at the bottom of the page. If you need help, email Mrs. Stead